How To Master Tax on Investment Property Obligations

tax on investment property

Understanding the tax on investment property is essential for anyone venturing into the real estate market. Investing in property is frequently viewed as a promising avenue for wealth accumulation. Yet, like all investments, it’s not without its challenges.  While the allure of property investment lies in its potential for significant returns, it also comes with […]

Guarantor Loan: How to Get One, Who Might Need One, and What a Guarantor Is

Saving a substantial deposit for a home loan can take years, and for those with limited income, it might seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, there are other options that can help get people into their own homes when in a difficult financial situation, such as through a guarantor loan.  If they don’t meet the income […]

How to Use Super to Buy Property

Non-Bank Lenders

Buying a house can be challenging, particularly if you have doubts about your current or future financial situation. But there are plenty of different methods you can use to enter the housing market, like using your super to buy property. The process of using superannuation to buy a property is known as an “SMSF (Self […]

A Guide To Investor Loans For Investment Properties

investor loans

There are many differences between investor loans and a home loan for the property where you live.  Investors generally have different priorities than those buying a property to call home. As their mortgage interest charges and loan fees are tax deductible under a business expense, lenders often charge investors a higher interest rate to account […]

What Is An Interest-Only Home Loan & How Does It Work?

high lvr home loans

Want to buy a home or investment property but need lower mortgage repayments? Consider an interest-only loan. What is an interest-only home loan? Well, these are different from most of the other standard home loans because, for a set period of time, the repayments you make only cover the interest on the component of the […]

Breaking Into Property Investment—How A Broker Can Help

mortgage broker

If you’re a first-time property investor, researching to find the best investment loan can be overwhelming. Lenders have different policies and criteria in place, and investment property loans have different features that separate them. Although some may seem appealing, you need to be able to identify which is best suited to you and your financial […]

Five Different Considerations for Investment Property Loans

investment property loan

Investment property loans have various options and features to choose from, and although these features may seem irrelevant now, they can make a big difference in your financial future. Thus it’s crucial to research different types of investment property loan options before going ahead and making costly mistakes that could have easily been avoided. Here […]