Everything You Need to Know About a Pre-Approval Home Loan

Home loan pre-approval, also called conditional approval, is confirmation from a lender that an applicant is eligible for a home loan of a specified maximum amount. They don’t have to take the loan, and the lender doesn’t have to lend that amount, but, in principle, the conditional approval shows sellers the applicant is a serious […]

What are High LVR Home Loans & How Do They Work?

high lvr home loans

Thanks to high LVR home loans, many Australians find that they can become homeowners sooner than expected without saving up for the typical 20% deposit. Lenders compare the value of the property you want to buy with how much money you would like to loan from them, and that will be your loan to value […]

Fixed vs Variable Loans: What’s The Difference?

fixed vs variable loans

Fixed vs Variable Loans: What’s The Difference? When choosing between a fixed interest rate or variable rate loans, there are different things to consider before making your decision. While a fixed rate loan offers stability, a variable rate home loan comes with features that may be useful. You will need to take a close look […]

What are Low Doc Home Loans?

low doc home loans

What are Low Doc Home Loans? Homebuyers without standard PAYG payslips, financial statements or tax returns can still become homeowners – they may just need to apply for low doc home loans rather than a standard home loan as an option. Low doc home loans, also known as alt doc home loans, have been specifically […]